Zohra lived a simple life in Algeria, spending her time between her family and the school where she taught. Unfortunately in Algeria during the late 1990’s Islamic extremism was widespread. One night a terrible event occurs that will change her life forever. Zohra escapes from her country and moves to Paris to start a new life. It is only through her friendship with her step daughter, Hanna, that she will be able to revisit her past and recover from her tragedy.

The feature film, The Secrets of Medea, is adapted from the novel “Les Silences de Médéa” by Malika Madi. Malika and Daniel Julien, the film director, wrote the screenplay and then in September, 2010, several scenes of the film were shot in the suburbs of Paris. The current French cast and crew are expected to complete the shooting of the entire film in the fall of 2011.